Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Behind the Zion Curtain

I hate Utah. I have lived here for 23 years, and I hate it. As soon as Cori is done with school I plan on packing up and leaving this place. Here are my reasons.

1. Utah treats adults like children.

In Utah if you want a beer you better be happy with 3.2. If you want anything else, you better be willing to go to the liquor store and pay out the ass, or go to a restaurant/brewpub and pay out the ass. If you desire to go to a bar, you better be OK with them scanning your ID into a database so the state knows where you have been. It's not any better than the private club laws we used to have. You can't get certain drinks because their alcohol content are too high. Just try to get a normal long island iced tea. Just try. I'm tired of having to do this song and dance to get what I want. It seems like every time they loosen the laws up, they tighten them up more so later. I'm honestly surprised we don't have dry counties. Hell, you have to be 19 to get cigarettes. I'm not a smoker, but if you are gonna give someone the right to vote, let them smoke too. I personally think this state tries to hold everyone by the hand and monitor every activity deemed 'sinful'. We still have laws on the books declaring premarital sex as a class B misdemeanor. If you treat us like adults, we will act like them.

2. Utah regularly shows it's dislike for 50% of its population.

It seems like every time the legislature in Utah gets together they make laws that suppress non-Mormons. This state has a rich history of allowing the church to bully legislation, or getting the 'righteous' elected to get the legislation through. News flash Utah, half of your population is not part of the dominant religion. But hey, fuck 'em right?

3. Utah Mormons are kinda dicks.

First let me say, I know tons of Mormons who are nothing but decent people. That aside, Utah Mormons are kinda dicks. They are completely OK with unfair rules and laws because it supports their faith. Make liquor harder to get? That's OK, alcohol is 'sinful'. Deny gays the right to marry? That's OK, homosexuality is 'sinful'. Just because you don't like it, agree with it, or condone it, does not mean it should be outlawed. A mystical book should have no bearing on the legislation of basic human rights, and the ability of adults to live as adults. Add to the list that in many places in Utah, non-Mormons are shunned from the community. In Utah county if you aren't Mormon your kids aren't allowed to play with other families kids. Growing up in Salt Lake county that wasn't a big issue for me, but I still saw it. I had a few people in high school who quit talking to me upon hearing I wasn't Mormon. My brothers lost friends after their family was told we weren't Mormon. I'm sorry, I don't wish to live a place where that is commonplace.

4. Utah is behind the Zion Curtain.

Lastly, and most damning for me, Utah ignores everything else. We disconnect ourselves from other states, let alone other countries. The average Utahn has no clue what life is like out of their state. We try to live in this little bubble, not wanting to play with others. I can't stand the lack of diversity, the lack of new ideas. We live in a stagnant culture, unwilling to change because it may upset someone. We put our hands on our ears, close our eyes and scream, "There is no outside world, no other opinions, they offend me, LALALALALA!". Utah is a racist, sexist, homophobic, intolerant, insular, and holier-than-thou place. The sad thing is, it has no plans to change. Gotta tow the line, keep the status quo. Don't wanna offend anyones delicate sensibilities.

I truly am tired of living in this state. It's full of natural beauty, my family, my friends, but I can't foresee myself staying here. I would rather meet the unknown than stay here.

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