Sunday, May 8, 2011

Higher Education

This weekend I was lucky enough to see 3 college graduations. It was pretty cool to see all the hard work pay off. My dad graduated with his Associates degree, and that was really inspiring. If he can do it, then I'm sure I can. Cori's brother, Kyle, got his Bachelors degree and his commission as an officer in the military. The commission ceremony took place in a small room and felt really intimate. Kyle's wife, Stephanie, also graduated and got her Masters degree. I was surprised to see how many masters and doctoral candidates there were at the ceremony. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend my friend Jen's graduation due to scheduling conflicts. She got her Masters degree.

I really enjoyed seeing (and hearing about) everyones graduations. It's always good to see hard work being rewarded. I was also really inspired by the whole thing. It made me want to go back to school even more so than I already did. I want to be able to learn how to do something fun and useful. I want out of the grocery business. I want to try new thing.

And so I applied to SLCC, got accepted, and filled out my FAFSA today. I'm going back to school, and I'm going to kick some ass.


  1. That is really great that you are going back to school. Good for you! My stepmom is getting her masters in psychology at nearly 60 years of age. Brilliant.
    Thanks for following and for your kind comment today.

  2. That's pretty cool that your stepmom is going back to school! It's never too late to try to get what you want.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and thank you for your kind comment!