Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stress At Work (And I'm Getting Mushy)

Hello again. It's been a while since I have updated this blog, so I thought I'd fix that. I'm going to start using this one as more of a journal (it's original intention) since I write about politics and religion over at Red Town Blues.

Me with a silly chef hat. Unrelated to anything in this post, or my actual chef hat, but added because it's funny.

Stress At Work
I'm not usually one to complain about stupid shit, but this has been really stressing me out. At work they transferred my lead chef. Brady and I had a system worked out, we knew exactly what needed to be done, how to do it, and what we could both accomplish in a day. While he was my boss, he didn't have to boss me around. He gave me the list of things I needed to get done during the day, and I did it. No problems.

My new lead chef isn't fully trained yet. She has a week of sous cheffing under her belt, which isn't a problem, everyone has to learn sometime, but she has already taken the 'Boss' role. I don't need to be told what to do. I'm trained and capable. I know what it takes to fill our case, what sells, how much to make on any given day, and I have all the recipes committed to memory (I wish I didn't. I also have most of the product codes memorized to print price tags. I'm sure I will be 90 and remember this stuff). I don't need to be bossed around, but she doesn't seem to think so. I guess I really should just go with it. Just get into work, play the game, and go home. I just can't get why someone who is not fully trained thinks I need to be told what to do. I'm fucking training her! And now she wants to go look at how the other stores organize their cases so we can do it like them. Why, I ask, why would we do that? We consistently hit #1-#5, out of 14 stores. Also, we have a different physical set up than most stores. We can't copy them because we don't have the same coolers! I have low expectations for how this is going to turn out.

I'm also stressed because we have another new chef. She is learning fast, and I have no personal issues with her, but she is also not fully trained. That means on my days off, for the moment, we have two untrained chefs working the case. So when I get back, I'm gonna have a lot to fix. Things they didn't do, things they did all funky (new people always do funky things, I did when I was new. I had a chef trainer who was much more patient than I*), and things they put in wrong place. I know this will fix itself as time and training progress, but for now it really sucks.

*This is especially funny to me because I had an old coworker come into the store the other day. I told him I had two trainees and he said, "That sucks for you. You have, like, no patience."

Enough about work.

I'm Getting Mushy
On the 4th, Cori and I went up to her parents house. They live up on a hill on the east side and it has a great view of the valley for watching fireworks. Cori's oldest brother and his wife and kid came as well. We had a wonderful dinner, BBQ chicken (Bob makes great BBQ!), and had great conversation. But the part that I really enjoyed was when they were trying to teach Cori's nephew everyone's names. They were going across the table, pointing to everyone, "Grandpa, Grandma, GG (Great Grandma), Aunt Cori, Uncle Skyler." Then they stopped and looked at me and said, "Is that OK? Can he call you Uncle?" And I was like, "Ya! That's totally OK!" It warmed my heart and made me feel like more a part of the family (not that I didn't before). It's a feeling that's kind of stuck with me ever since. I'm considered an Uncle! I love it!

And then I realized that I must be getting old and mushy. If this was a few years ago I wouldn't have really cared, but now it makes my heart happy. Even more evidence I'm getting mushy is that I don't mind. I am totally OK with it, because it's totally fucking awesome! I'm an Uncle!


  1. Sorry work is stressing you out? Does the new persons name start with a C??? of so my mother says she agrees and that she is a know it all, and that like 5 years ago she was going to be store director in no time and obviously that hasn't happened!!!

    Also I am glad you are being a softy it is good for you:)

  2. Yes her name starts with a c(indy). She was a third for another store. I have a feeling she and I won't get along. (And I do think she seems to be a know-it-all. She doesn't seem to realize I know what I'm doing.

    As far being a softy goes, I agree. Although I feel that younger me would kick older me's ass. I think getting older and mushy is good. I'm so happy I'm considered family! It's so cool to be an uncle!

  3. I feel your pain. I am forever being told by district people how I should be teaching - yet they do not teach. They do not have to live with the consequences of their ridiculous decisions, but I do. Ugghhh.....

  4. I wouldn't be so stressed about if she knew how to the job and if I actually needed to be told what to do. Apart from the manager wanting to fill other displays in the store, my job stays the exact same.

    I think bosses should be required to the job of their employees every once in a while. Keep them rooted in reality.