Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Apocalypse! ( Bum Bum Bum)

If you have drawn breath at all these last few years you have heard of our impending doom in 2012. Soon we will all be dead/dying from a pole-shift, comet, planet, aliens, solar flare, natural disaster, ennui, etc. O.K., maybe not ennui. Personally, I think it's a load of bunk. I have lived through many so called apocalypses, well supposedly predicted apocalypses. There was (off the top of my head) Y2K, and other 1999 predictions, 2005, and now 2012 (there have been many other prediction but I don't know there exact dates and most I wasn't alive for). It's just a great way to get people worked up, and for some con men to make a buck of the stupid.

Of all the scenarios the nutters have presented, the only one that is a possibility is the pole-shift. It has happened multiple times in Earth's history, and would cause several problems with our technology. However, it doesn't happen instantly. It takes a magnetic pole-shift 5,000 years to complete itself. Ooh, scary!

The reason I am writing this post isn't just for that little opinion to be expressed. My girlfriend has a friend who truly believes something (wow, so specific) will happen in 2012. She is convinced The Book of Mormon has predicted nuclear war, and surely the apocalypse will either be in 2012, or begin there.

What the hell?

Well not one to just laugh at nuclear war, I looked it up. I have very little experience with The Book of Mormon, despite being a Utahn, so I had to use the tools available to me. Google. I was unable to find any verses that specifically said 'nuclear war' or any variation of that. What I did find was the same basic apocalyptic nonsense in all those types of books. It pretty much boils down to 'war will be upon the land' and 'natural disasters will plague humanity'. Well I hate to be the one to break your bubble, but we have a big enough, and divided enough, population to always have a war going on. As for natural disasters, they always happen. Always have, always will. Big whoop if they happen in a year you claim they will. Hell, I can make a prophecy like that. In 2011 there will be a hurricane, and it will cause damage. There. I'm a prophet now.

I'm not sure how anyone could get themselves so convinced that what the people on the T.V. say is right. I can not fathom how this lady is able to dilute herself into believing that a book written in the 1800s could possibly predict nuclear war. These predictions can't be made vaguely and then shown to be true later. If they knew that a tragedy like this would happen they should have spelled it out to the letter. If they didn't it is because they truly didn't know, or they were evil, heinous, despicable people who shouldn't be thought of as great teachers.

Personally I'm a little astounded that people didn't learn from Y2K. I'm shocked people haven't looked for scientific evidence to find out the truth of the 2012 claims, but not so surprised. People just don't want to put a few minutes into research. Instead they would rather live in a state of panic and sensationalism. I'm fine with that though. The world will always have the crazy that believes there magic book predicted nuclear holocaust, and that means I will always have someone to chuckle at.

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