Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinner, a Movie, and a Great Time!

Sometimes in dating things get a bit boring. For the last week or so Cori and I have done pretty much nothing interesting. We have been too lazy to go out and do much, so last night we decided to venture out into the world for a spell. My mom and sister gave us some gift cards for dinner and a movie for Christmas, so we decided it would be Wingnuts for dinner then True Grit.

Wingnuts was pretty good. I'm not sure I would get the boneless buffalo wings again, but they were still pretty decent.

True Grit, however, was amazing! It took a bit of convincing on my part to get Cori to agree to see it since it's a western. I'm not entirely sure western is the appropriate genre for it. Yes it takes place in the time period, but it didn't feel 'cowboy'. I highly recommend it. It's 2 hours of awesome. Cori loved it so much I was told we need to buy it when it comes out. Shocking, coming from a lady that hates westerns.

What I loved the most about the fairly ordinary date was being with Cori. I love that we don't have to do anything incredibly exciting to have fun together. We can just go see a movie and grab a bite to eat. I love spending any time with her, and I love that after 2 years together I still get excited to see her and be with her.

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  1. McKay and I absolutely loved true grit!!!! SO good!! I wanted more when the movie ended!!! It is something we need to buy as well!!! I know what you mean about dating.... Whenever we feel in a rut we go to nicklecade. So cheesy, but so much fun!! Just an idea for ya!