Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go Cori!

The wonderful Cori Lynne started school earlier this week! I'm very proud of her, and it is wonderful to see her pursuing her dreams! She is going to Taylor Andrews Hair Academy, and so far she is loving it. Again, I'm super proud of her and I will support her 100%. 

The only downside to her going to school is I am alone until a little after 10p.m.. It let's me get a lot of video game playing done, but it kinda gets boring. I'm still adjusting to the new schedule, and I will still get the weekends with her, so all is good. All in all I think this will be very good for us, and it is very good to see her finally pursuing her goals. Good job baby!


  1. You might use the same hours to pursue your education. If not your mother and I enjoy seeing you every once in a while.

    As for Cori, We are very excited for her. Good Job!

  2. As soon as I get my taxes done I will be filling out my FAFSA. Time to quit dicking around.