Monday, January 10, 2011


When I heard about the shooting in Arizona, I was shocked. When I read about it and learned the details. I was more than shocked. Outraged, taken aback, shaken, all of those words don't quite match how I felt. To think something like that can happen anywhere, let alone in U.S.A. really bothers me, and the fact that it pretty much boiled down to a difference in opinion. Granted, Loughner is a disturbed individual, but it would be just like me stabbing another person because they like cream in their coffee, and I think it should be imbibed black. People had to die for political disagreement? Really? It's just fucking sad.

Now we have the Right backpedaling on their rhetoric. How dare we say they 'caused' this!? How dare we not blame the Left as well!? No one brings a gun to Left-Wing rallies. I believe PZ Meyers actually sums this up quit well with his post, so I will link it here.

I really can't find the words to explain how sad this whole thing makes me. To think people are willing to shoot politicians over disagreements. Add this on-top of the shooting in Pakistan of a government official who dared to say that the blasphemy laws should be removed. He was murdered by his own bodygaurd, who was then kissed by bystanders at his court appearance. All because he said non-Muslems don't deserve to go to jail for not believing. What an ugly world.


  1. I love PZ however he has got me in trouble in polite circles.

  2. Well bombastic language and bringing science to an idiocy fight will do that.